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We are the leading UK shippng company  
Establised over 10 years
Express delivery and overseas removals service throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa
Shipment from 1 carton to a full house
International Car, Van, Truck & Caravan shipments

Our Services

We pride ourselves on our professional and reliable services. Whether you’re moving home, studying abroad or need to for your car, you can count on us for all your UK and overseas shipping needs.

Wherever you need to share a container to ship your car or household items, we offer a friendly and efficient service to our clients. For a competitive quote, contact us. we respond within 24 hours. 

We provide transportation services for businesses and individuals. Since we started in 2010, we have built a long-standing reputation with some of the UK’s leading shipping lines.

We are also a member of BIFA (British International Freight Association), the official trade organisation for UK shipping companies and freight industry specialists. Rely on Bezac Shipping to deliver a quality service.

Residential shipping

Moving abroad can be a combination of stress and excitement. If you’re emigrating, we’ll ensure the safe shipping of your valuables, making your move overseas a smooth process. We provide professional services for all your overseas shipping requirements. 

Motor Vehicle Shipping

No matter where you live in the UK, we can collect your car from your residential address and ship them anywhere around the world.
We aim to make it as stress-free as possible to ship your items, no matter what your requirements are.

Shared Shipping

Even if you just want partial load shipping to send items to a friend or relative, our residential shipping experts will take care of it  Whatever the destination, we’ll arrange secure shipping for your belongings by road, sea or air

Shipping Larger Items

Our residential overseas shipping service caters for bulkier items too, such as furniture. For even larger goods, we’ll provide everything – including ramps for your car – to ensure they arrive at your destination without a scratch.

Want to find out more about our services?

Whether you’re after residential or commercial shipping, we can help.


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